7 Amazing Tips for Eye Health

Globally, the World Health Organization has estimated that more than 285 million people have some form of eye diseases or visual impairment. Eye diseases are a major health issue, which has adverse impacts on both physical and mental health. People with eye diseases have been known to become high risk for various other conditions like chronic health diseases, depression, social alienation and in some cases, even mortality.

The World Health Organization has also indicated in a 2010 estimate, that almost 80% of the Global estimates of eye diseases consists of preventable causes.

It is important for people to recognize therefore, the importance of Good eye health. There are many ways of ensuring that your eyes are maintained in top condition without any health risks.

We have elucidated a few simple ideas below to help you put into practice some of the tips that will help keep your eyes healthy.


  1. Start with a Comprehensive Eye Exam

While you may assume that your vision is completely fine or that your eyes are completely healthy, the only way to be a hundred percent sure is by visiting an eye care professional for an exam. After going for a comprehensive dilated eye exam, some people may realize that they are able to see clearly with the help of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Also it is important to remember that many of the known and frequent eye diseases like Glaucoma or Diabetic Eye diseases have no symptoms or warning signs. Going for a comprehensive dilated eye exam is the only way to detect these diseases in their early stage.


  1. Find out your family history

It is also important to be aware of your family’s eye health history is. If any of your family members suffer from diabetes or have high blood pressure it is good to find out.

Additionally, all adults over the age of 40 with or without any symptoms should get a baseline eye disease screening as this is a crucial time when early signs of disease and changes in vision may be noticed.


  1. Eye Protection

A lot of eye injuries happen every year during sports or home repair work. It is critical therefore to wear proper eye protection so as to prevent any unforeseen damage. For most home repairs it is sufficient to wear standard ANSI approved protective home wear. For sports, appropriate eyewear are usually certified and recommended by various governing bodies.

When you step outdoors during the day time, it is also recommended to wear sunglasses that shield your eyes from the harmful UV radiations. Using sunglasses has been proven to reduce the risk of cataracts, pinguecula and other eye diseases.


  1. Do not stress your eyes

It is pertinent to be aware of possible eye fatigue when working for several hours in front of a computer. It is recommended when working on a computer and feeling some kind of eyestrain to employ the 20-20 rule. What it basically means is that you look up from your work every twenty minutes and focus on an object that is twenty feet away, and look at it for at least twenty seconds.

Persistent eye fatigue can be a symptom for various eye conditions like presbyopia, dry eye or needing glasses. Meet with a eye care professional to diagnose why you are feeling this eye fatigue and receive proper treatment.


  1. A healthy Balanced Diet

Studies have shown that eating a health balanced diet that includes antioxidants can help in reducing the risk of some eye diseases like cataracts. Oxidants are usually obtained from eating good amounts of fruits or green vegetables.

It has also been proven that a diet containing fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can largely alleviate the risks of developing macular degeneration. Eye vitamins are also available across the counter in many pharmacies which when administered by a eye care professional, can help you getting the adequate nutrients to keep your eyes healthy.


  1. Quit Smoking

Like many other diseases, eye health is also affected by smoking. It is necessary for you to stop smoking because this is known not only to create a perceptive increase in incidence of macular degeneration, but it also increases risk of cataracts. Smoking also causes weakening of arteries, which increases risk of heart attack while also damaging retinas and causing vision problems.


  1. Clean your hands and contact lenses

It is important always, for you to clean your contact lenses properly every time before you use them. Make sure that you disinfect the lenses as per the instructions of your ophthalmologist and replace them according to the correct expiry time. Always wash your hands thoroughly before you handle contact lenses or when you put them into your eyes or take them out.

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